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Marble easy paint set 6 x 15ml pots Marabu

Marble easy paint set 6 x 15ml pots Marabu

Ref: 91661

Easy Marble Assortment, 6 x 15ml , marble effects can be achieved on many different substrates. Suitable for use on plastic eggs and balls (always try a test area first on plastic objects), glass, acrylic, wood, papier mâché, blown eggs, candles, metal and polystyrene. All objects should be plain and paint-free. Papers, Japanese paper, many fabrics and silks can also be marbled using Marabu-easy marble. The paint is organic solvent based and is touch-dry after about 15 minutes. The paint is not permanent and will wipe off with a damp cloth after drying; therefore the decorated objects are not washable and not wash-resistant.

  Price: 13.98 (Including VAT at 20%)


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